Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in a Nutshell

First of all, I am obsessed with Subway Art.  I had this one up until yesterday and now I have this one, until I am ready for my winter print.  Getting back to Thanksgiving, it was great.  As you know by now, I like lists and keeping things simple, so here is my succinct Thanksgiving rundown.
  • Drive to Pa Wednesday evening.  Put the kids to sleep, hang out with my brother and his girlfriend for a little while.  
  • Thanksgiving Day at my parents house.  Took the kids to be childhood friends house in the morning for a playdate and had to leave after her bother arrived with his family and petrified my daughter.  My grandmother and Aunt arrive around 3 for the holiday.  Mt grandmother is 93, whom my father gave an iPad lesson, and she will be getting one for Hanukkah..  We ate around 5 and I shoveled my food in b/c my daughter was a bit cranky and not in the mood for a big sit down dinner.  Everything was delicious.  After the kids were asleep, more hanging with brother and GF.  Watched a hilarious old dance show and had a great time making fun of my brother who would like a casserole dish for the holidays! :)
  • Friday, basically hang out all morning until my full body massage appointment at 1 pm.   Got some great feedback on possible reasons for my sciatica.  Most annoying condition ever.  Also, husband, son and dog leave to go visit in-laws.  
  • Friday night hang out with 3 of my oldest friends.  So much fun!!  Love to be with old friends who know me best :)
  • Saturday shopping with mom while daughter hangs out with Pop-Pop.  
  • Saturday night head back to Va with daughter.  I liked the idea of having the whole day Sunday to catch up on stuff that needed to be done before work on Monday. (i.e. vacuuming for fleas, laundry, emptying dishwasher, etc)
  • Sunday, just as stated above.  Also, cooked a great casserole , the husband approved and did not look like he was about to vomit after trying it.  Also, put together my holiday card, whew...........
  • Last, walked with my son to this house which is RIGHT around the corner from our house.  We have been watching the progress over the last few weeks and were very eager to see it all lit up!!  He was so excited, we are going back tonight :)  Actually, the website is outdated but you get the idea.  There are many, many more decorations now.  
Soooooo, that is how my family spent the past few days.  Hope your Thanksgiving was as fulfilling, TTFN!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Truth Hurts

Yes, yes, Molly is a beautiful specimen.  Her markings are gorgeous, her face is unforgettable.....and so is her behavior.  I can not express how badly I wanted a dog to fill the empty space that I felt after my first passed away.  Well, the empty space is filled.  With torment.  I know, I know, she is just a puppy, barely 9 months old.  I am just not used to the level of activity she requires.  Must be the lab in her!  And honestly, walking her does not phase her one bit.  Plus I almost lose my arm because she is quite the squirrel and bird enthusiast.  She is constantly at my feet, I trip over her numerous times a day.  Where is my lazy beast, who I had to drag out of my bed???  Molly has no respect for my commands, however she is more than happy to listen to my husband and even my brother.  She has peed on my bed a few times despite me.  For example the other night, I lay in bed with my son reading him a book, and guess who got jealous and too a leak on my bed!?  Seriously??  Not to mention the case of fleas she came down with last week.  Have I mentioned I am anal?  Have you ever had fleas?? Or read about them or their resiliency?? OMG.  I have been a washing, vacuuming, chemical spraying, salt/Borax mixture sprinkling madwoman for 8 straight days.  I would not wish fleas upon my worst enemy.  Don't get me wrong, we don't have a full on infestation, but I might as well be as preventative as possible, right??  
Let me refocus for a minute, I love Molly for the most part.  I love at night when she's tired, I love when it takes her an hour to chew her rawhide or lick her Kong clean, and I love when she wants to curl up next to me.  The kids love her, for the most part.  She just needs time, not much of something I have.  
So why does the truth hurt? Because everyone warned me that this is a ridiculous idea, that no dog would EVER be as good as Lux.  My husband keeps taunting me, Admit it, admit it, this was a terrible idea..........I won't verbally commit to his I told you so :)  But writing it is ok........TTFN!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 8 and LaVar

For Day 8 of Penn State support I wear a pin that a lovely friend picked up for me over the last weekend while she visited State College. Thank you!!   I will wear this pin every day from now on, as I have attached it to my work badge.  Now I can keep a reminder with me at all times of my alma mater and all that is stands for.  I found Lavar's emotional tirade yesterday very telling of how many people must feel about the recent interview with Sandusky.  First and foremost, why on earth did his lawyer allow him to speak!?  Just awful....Listen to LaVar here.  
On a lighter note, I love LaVar and still regret not being more aggressive to winning the 'Dance with LaVar Contest' one evening at a bar in Downtown S.C. back in 1999.  I know I could have rocked that!
I look foward to the Ohio State game on Saturday and will continue to support Penn State and the State College community as a whole.  Although I can not promise to not write more about this matter as more and more of the case unfolds, this concludes my Penn State Paraphernalia Photo Tour.  :)  TTFN!  

I have use the App Pixlr-O-Matic for all my Penn Sate pics. Love it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 7

Ok, so I did not wear this shirt to work today, but I did wear it to bed last night.  Penn State hosts the State Special Olympics for Track and Field every June, so just a shout out to another positive contribution of an incredible community.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 6

Happy Monday!  I have been neglecting so much going on right now in the Barr household!  The most exciting thing right now, happening at this very moment is our son's first trip to Disney with my parents.  They are having a great time!  And we are ale to check in on the Disney Photo Pass website and see all the fun things they are doing.  I am so lucky and thankful to have such wonderful parents.  We miss him, but know he is having an unforgettable experience!  In the meantime, I am busy cleaning out his room :)  Now I know how my mom felt when we were away at summer camp, time to purge!!!  The other things I have been battling I won't mention because I am trying to be positive!  TTFN!  

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 5 We Still Are

   Today I 'take my hat off' (or keep it on rather) to the Penn State community for the overwhelming and inspiring show of class yesterday.  Not sure what else there is to say, the acknowledgment of the suffering of the victims, the efforts of the players and the sold out stadium kind of covers it.  The fact that I watched the entire game withoug falling alseep is also a huge indication :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 3

This shirt is loud and obnoxious.  And so am I :).  Yes, the whole thing is shady, disturbing, disgusting and yes, the shift of this scandal has shifted so inappropriately.  We are talking about children.  We need to protect them, we need to advocate for them.  I still wear my school 'pride' today and 5 more days to show my support for a community that is at a loss.  An academic community, a charitable community, and athletic community (because, again, those kids need some support on that field tomorrow).  Only time will tell what happens.  All the rest of us can do now is focus on the positive, healing, and help the families rebuild, if that's even possible.  I also want to add that it's absurd for people to suggest that the rest of the football season be cancelled.  The football players did nothing wrong.  There is no reason to rip their dreams away from them.  Go out, support the team, you might not support past choices of the coaching staff, obviously they were horribly negligent.  But to suggest that hard working players be deprived of playing a game they love is wrong.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 2

Yesterday I had hoped to write about my hopes that the Board of Trustees meeting would come to a better conclusion. I had planned to write that I looked forward to hearing the results of the meeting, originally scheduled to take place Friday. But that was not to be. Nor was Joe Paterno's opportumity to finish the 2011 football season with a little bit of dignity and grace. Today I am a little more subtle in my approach to show support to my alma mater.  I find this whole scenario horrific, from the victims to firing a man who, I am sorry to say, followed protocol, and should have been given the opportunity to resign, not be subjected to a phone call terminating his life long dedication to an entire university...........Don't bother commenting negativity, because I won't be baited in.  I support Penn State, Joe Paterno, and the State College community, and I will support the football players who deserve it on Saturday.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

8 days for PSU

So today begins my first of 8 days of wearing Penn State gear.  8 days for the 8 (and yes I am aware there are more stepping forward) victims of the horrid abuse they endured.  8 days for my support of a university, academic program and community that deserves support.  Haters can hate, but the decisions and choices of a few men should not cloud shame on an entire community and higher learning institution as a whole.  I also wear my pride to support the football team, because it is not THEIR fault. A friend posted this article on her Facebook page and I found it very well written; We Should Support the Team.  The team deserves our support.  Everything they have known and looked up to and counted on has been destroyed and torn from them.  I love Penn State, I love the tradition, I love the 'way of life' and the way football games brings people together.  I love the way past employers have looked at my resume and been impressed that I received my B.S. in Special Education from such a prestigious program.  I am proud of that.  I love that Penn State hosts Special Olympic Track and Field every spring and my brother spent many, many weekends there.  
Even though not many people read my silly little blog this is my way of showing my support.  For the alumni, current students, and prospective students,  'We Are' and I will show you for the next 8 days.  I will comment more on Joe as the days go on, but for now, I can't help but feel sorry for a man who has dedicated his life to Penn State Football and Penn State in general.........