Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Uses for Old Things #11 Baby Oil

My 2 year old daughter has recently entered the world of dolls. I suppose this comes with the territory, but I am used to cars and trucks and dinosaurs with my 5 year old boy!  She loves dolls, dolls with long hair.  Barbies and baby dolls with long, long hair.  Speaking of her dolls, yesterday while my husband and son were at T-Ball practice, I decided it would be a good idea to let her 'walk' her baby in her doll stroller while I walked the dog. 

She ended up falling because let's face it, while (some) Crocs are adorable, they are not functional for physical activity at times.  She tripped twice, exclaiming, "My poor knee!" (Dramatic much!?) and I carried her and the stroller on one arm and manhandled the dog with the other hand.   

Back to the topic at hand.  Long, long doll hair is tangly.  However after a co-worked shared a little secret with me, I have mastered tangly doll hair.  Baby oil.  Just as you or I would use a small dollop up hair serum for whatever hair woes you are trying to remedy, you do just the same with baby oil on doll hair.  Voila!  Silky hair ready for playing with...........I hope this helps you, it helped me!!  TTFN!!