Tuesday, April 24, 2012

That Mom

So yesterday I became that Mom.  Did your mom ever have to call another classmate's parent about something you did?  I think my mother did at least once.  It's pretty mortifying.  Yesterday my son got into the car and showed me a Scooby Doo Jibbitz that a friend had given him.  What is a Jibbitz? They are little 'accessories' for Crocs, everything is a racket these days!  Check them out here.  Anywho, I immediately thought I should contact her mother and ask her if  she knew the friend had given away this little gem.  Gosh, what am I turning into?  So I called her and left a message saying, 'Hi, this is 'O's mom, and he came home with something 'M' gave him, and I wanted to check with you and make sure it was okay.  Call me back when you get a chance! Thanks!!'

I JUST KNOW, that if my son came home without a Jibbitz on his Croc, I would notice.  I probably wouldn't care and be glad that he was being thoughtful to give one to a friend, but it would, no doubt, not go unnoticed.  And no, I wouldn't call every parent in the class to find out where it is.............
All in all, she called me back and explained that her daughter loves my son and talks about him all the time and it was okay with her :)  I was simply practicing 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

It's so strange to be a parent and go through these things that you never thought about.  When I had my kids, I never thought about the fact that I would need to call other parents and ask if they gave permission for their child to give my child something.  I am so screwed for the future.  I was quite the handful at times, and Karma is rearing is ugly head in so many ways :) I can't wait to see what's in store for me in the upcoming years and how I will handle the situations.  Will I react differently than my parents, or will I follow in their footsteps? I think I turned out decent considering some of the havoc I wreaked, so I will have to take into consideration their parenting strategies as time goes on.


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  1. Wait until you get the call. ! I saw her devotion(control) to him. You guys are doing a great job!